About chosen 1 academy

Chosen 1 Academy, owners are Adrienne Ballard and Rolando Lamb. Adrienne is the visionary that dreamed of creating an organization that cared about the development of athletes on and off the court. Her calling is to impact the lives of the youth through transformational programs and services utilizing a 3-pillar approach 1. Education 2. Citizenship and 3. Athletics. Adrienne focuses on providing quality mentorship, coaching, and training. Her goal is developing the youth not only in sports but teaching them life lessons and skills that will help develop them into positive role models.
Chosen 1 Academy focus is unlocking talent and helping athletes reach the next level. Our team is invested in improving and developing athletes so they can compete on the collegiate and professional level. Adrienne has been a servant in the community for more than 24 years, using organized sports, as an outlet to guide, train and teach life lessons on and off the court.

the foundation for success

Rolando Lamb is the Co-Owner of Chosen 1 Academy and head of basketball operations. He is known as one of the top basketball mentors and trainers in America. He brings a wealth of basketball expertise to the program. Coach Lamb is a former Virginia Commonwealth basketball player, where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was later drafted into the NBA in the 3rd round for the Seattle Supersonics. He also played in Continental Basketball Association (CBA).
Feeling deeply moved by what he describes as the lack of moral character in today’s athletes and coaches, Coach lamb embarked on a mission to help them develop character and find their true purpose and legacy in life.
For the more than 25 years, Coach Lamb has been guiding, teaching, training, mentoring athletes, and coaches on how to be winners in life and sports. He successfully coached his own children- California State University basketball standout Zack Lamb and NBA Lottery Pick Jeremy Lamb who now plays for the Sacramento Kings.
Coach Lamb brings a wealth of basketball expertise to the program and has assembled a coaching staff that believes in Chosen 1 Academy. A leader of young men and women, Coach Lamb sets the tone for this elite Chosen 1 Academy program and posed to help lead and grow the program attracting top talent from across the country.

meet our team

Adrienne Ballard is a military veteran, as well as a retiree from the federal government. She is the Co-owner and founder of Chosen 1 Academy, LLC a company that impacts youth and young adults through transformational services. Also, the founder Chosen 1 Generation, LLC a company that focuses on keeping our youth out of the system and keeping them in a positive environment through sports. Adrienne has a Bachelor’s in Business Management as well as an Associate in Computer Networking from Strayer University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Leadership and Organization this coming May. 
Adrienne has been blessed with coaching our youth through basketball, soccer, and softball for well over 24 years. She has a love for the game of basketball that ha allowed her to earn her degrees, and impact so many through the game.  
Chosen 1 Academy, LLC fundamentally shifts the experience not just focusing on sports, but emphasis building the community. Youth and young adults are our future, so we strive to create better leaders, stronger educational programs, and community involvement. Working with the youth and young adults is an honor and a privilege that Adrienne doesn’t take for granted. Developing the youth and young adults is not only her calling, but a passion. Sports can be used as an opportunity to help our youth and young adults escape poverty and tap into their potential to create a better future. She enjoys every opportunity she gets to share with our youth and young adults that “Nothing is permanent, but change may influence your future.” 
Chosen 1 Academy is located in South Chesterfield, VA it’s an academy that offers post grad sports. The program also offers skilled development training and performance enhancement training sessions all of which are under skilled professionals.
Rolando Lamb, known as one of the top basketball mentors and trainers in America, is a well-known figure in the Virginia basketball community, played for the Virginia Commonwealth University (1981-1985), where he was a Hall of Fame player. After college, Lamb was drafted to the NBA in the 3 rd round to Seattle Supersonics, and played 2 years in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA).
Deeply moved by a lack of moral character demonstrated by athletes and coaches, Lamb embarked on a mission to help athletes and coaches develop character and find their true purpose and legacy in life. 
For the last 25+ years, Lamb has been coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring athletes and coaches on how to be Winners in Life and Sports. Including his own sons, Zach Lamb, a college basketball standout and graduate from California State University and Jeremy Lamb, UCONN National Champion and NBA Lottery Pick and now plays in the NBA. 
Utilizing the A-GAME ELITE TRAINING SYSTEM, developed by Lamb, he has trained countless of players. The A-GAME SYSTEM provides NBA Pro-Style coaching, training, and mentoring for boys and girls on all levels. 
Here at Chosen 1 Academy, Coach Lamb will have the opportunity to bring his no non-sense, high energy, tough love approach to the athletes that need it most. It is an opportunity to develop the whole person, spirit, soul, and body. 
Chosen 1 Academy will provide the opportunity to discover and develop the next generation of leaders. Whether they become professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. they will have an attitude of a winner to make a positive difference in the world. 
As Coach Lamb likes to say if you have the desire, we have the system to help take your game and life to the next level.
Byron Ballard a retired military service member from the Army with 23 years’ experience. My background consists of Logistics, Transportation, and Managing Operations. I decided to further support my country, so I continued support as a Training Technician for Government Service. 
Byron is one of the Cofounders of Chosen 1 General, LLC a company that believed in keeping the youth out of the system. Byron has a Master’s Science Degree in Homeland Security and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with minor Human Resource Management from Trident University. Certifications include Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Grant Writing, Design Virtual Training, Facilitate Virtual Training, and Producing Virtual Training. 
As the Chief Financial Officer at Chosen 1 Academy I look to supporting all student/athletes by maintaining the fiscal health of the academy. Ensuring that our eye towards the future growth of Chosen1 Academy is not only plentiful but also fulfilling. Determine the viability of different projects and make recommendations to further expand the organizations growth both short and long term. Not only focusing on financial growth, but the key element is students’ development. This is the key to success and foundation for which the organization was founded.
Coach Jason Callaham is an Exceptional Education Teacher and Local Gifted Coordinator with the Department of Juvenile Justice, Yvonne B. Miller High School and Post-Secondary Programs. He has a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Master of Arts in Human Services with an emphasis in Business. He also has an endorsement in exceptional education k-12. Coach Callaham has had a passion for working with the youth in the community all the way back to his undergraduate years at Longwood University, while serving as a mentor to at-risk youth. He used his love for the game of basketball to help bridge the gap with the youth and share another side of life that gave opportunities for education. Coach Callaham has coached on many levels from youth basketball programs to high school, to various AAU programs. He is a student of the game of basketball and is always striving to look for ways to help student athletes make it to the next level. He has coached for over 12 years and continues to do so at the high school level, as well as the postgraduate level.
Banita Callaham is currently an exceptional education teacher at Thomas Dale HS with experience in case management of students with disabilities with Individual Educational Plans and/or 504 Plans.  She has provided instruction in the inclusion setting as well as the pull out setting.  Her educational background includes a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Mary Baldwin University, a Masters of Arts in Teaching with emphasis in Special Education from Liberty University and an Educational Specialist in Administrative Leadership from Liberty University. 
Banita’s experience in the business field includes working at the State Corporation Commission in the Bureau of Insurance as a Financial Analyst. In this role, she was afforded the opportunity to analyze the financial standings of insurance companies as well as car clubs to ensure they were in compliance with regulations and in good financial standing to operate. After working with the SCC for 3 years, she decided to come home as a stay-at-home mom and took care of her four children who are currently 22, 21, 19 and 17 years of age.  During the 5-year leave from employment, she transitioned her focus into the education field as well as started exposing herself to the area of coaching basketball through the Upward Program, local Chesterfield Association Program, Chesterfield High School Program and AAU Programs.  The love for basketball began in high school where she was the Captain of the cheerleading squad for the William Campbell Generals boys’ basketball program and that passion continues to reveal itself through her involvement in the previously stated programs as well as the current Chosen 1 Academy, LLC.  Her diverse background in the business field, educational field and coaching experiences has prepared her for this role as the Director of Operations.  She is honored and blessed to service you in this capacity at Chosen 1 Academy, LLC.